FS19 – Rolabar Rakes And Rake Hitch V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Rolabar Rakes and Rake Hitch V1.0 mod download.

Here is my made from scratch New Holland Rolabar rakes for FS22! Completly new model made from scratch!! 

The pack Contains 4 items:
-Rolabar 258 (left side delivery rake)
-Rolabar260 (right side delivery rake)
-252 rake hitch
-Side by side rake hitch

All peices are ingamed individually. Allows for a lot of different configurations ingame. All tools also have the option to select the attacher type, wether you want it on a draw bar or with a toolbar. MAKE SURE NOT TO SELECT TOOLBAR ON RAKES IF YOURE USING RAKE HITCH!!  Rakes also have the possibility to add a rear attacher on them for transport mode with the side by side rake hitch.

Authors: 46Mods 
Download FS19 – Rolabar Rakes And Rake Hitch V1.0 - modsbase.com

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