FS19 – Rostselmash Pack V2

FS19 - Rostselmash Pack V2
Rostselmash Torum 770 / Rostselmash Power Stream 900 / Rostselmash Draper Stream 900 / Header trailer Leguan 40
The download of the Rostselmash Pack and support for it will only be available here at the LS ZockerStube!
All other downloads you can find from him are stolen versions!
After we have already made the V1 available for download here in the filebase and the combine harvester is in use at our own Lohner on the Ellerbach, we revised the Rostselmash Pack again and make the V2 available to you today. Have fun with it:

Simple IC:
1. Door to open
2. Right window to open
3. Ladder to fold in or out

1. Animated ignition key
2. Added hoses to the Draper Stream 900
3. Configurable RUL for the Torum 770
4. Socket attached to the Torum
5. Identification
6. GPS system
7. Header trailer Leguan 40 for the PS 900 added:

– Customized colors
– License plate and license plate lighting
– Power line
– Dynamic Mount Attacher installed

Authors: Giants Software
LS ZockerStube
Cayman 718: GPS System
modelleicher: Simple IC
Ifko(nator): EAS Script
Bremi 456: Kennzeichen  
File :50.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Rostselmash Pack V2 -
Download FS19 – Rostselmash Pack V2 -

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