FS19 – Sangheilos Map V1

FS19 - Sangheilos Map V1
C to 96F to 204.8F. So becareful what you plant. The planet was described as an agraculter planet. Then I thought: What would it be like farming Sanghelios? And well, it was very VERY fun.

There is some miner bugs: The gas station i deleted but, guess what? It came back from the dead and is now just sitting in the middle of nowhere. But no bad bugs.
This is more like a beta but I\’m going to put it as a V1, cause it came out pretty good for just working on it for a day.
You even drop out of a phantom!
And much much more! (dont want to spoil it

Authors: Creator: Spartan756
Credits: Wolf43, GIANTS, Sgt. Cinnamon (if I forgot anyone let me know in the comments down below)  
Download FS19 – Sangheilos Map V1 -

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