FS19 – Scania R Pack J.roseboom Edit V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Scania R Pack J.Roseboom Edit V1.0 mod download.

Important: Everything on the mod is working fine except one thing: When you put something on the flatbed, it starts shaking and moving, so you need to be careful and strap it as quickly as possible.

Scania Next Gen R Pack

1. Wheels configurations
2. Lights configurations
3. Front lip configurations
4. Sideskirts extension configurations
5. Beacons configurations
6. Flags configurations
7. Stickers configurations
8. Interior accessories configurations
9. Exhaust configurations (flatbed only)
10. Spoiler configurations
11. Sound configuration (Normal and V8, both custom)
12. A lot of colors to choose from
13. Base, design and rim color configurations
14. Air suspension (controlled by X and N)
15. Custom horn sound

Authors: CrownZilla, J~ROW 
Download FS19 – Scania R Pack J.roseboom Edit V1.0 -

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