FS19 – Scania R730 Hkl V1.0.0.4

FS19 - Scania R730 Hkl V1.0.0.4
Moin moin love community,
Trailer completely revised
Indicator Config
Trailer Design config
Tacho needles revised
HKL control revised

The control for the Scania:
K = retract hook
M = extend hook (while the container is being loaded onto the trailer, you can extend the hook so that the truck does not lift off)
J = lower body
N = lift body

This control ONLY serves to get to the container ran without lifting the rear.
If you have the container coupled you can leave everything to the automatic and press X as usual.

The controller for the trailer:
Hold left Shift!
K = Pull Container Attacher to the front
Pull M = Container Attacher to the rear

If the container is coupled, decouple, move attacher so that he is out of range and only then you can decouple the trailer.
You can position yourself with the container exactly where you would like it.

Motor Config consists of the R730 and the chip tuning.
Tire Config consists of a steering axle and without. both Lizard Road and that stays that way!

Authors: Modell:Ap0lLo
Textur: Dimanix LS15
Script: Ap0lLo
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo
Tester: Ap0lLo  
Download FS19 – Scania R730 Hkl V1.0.0.4 -
Download FS19 – Scania R730 Hkl V1.0.0.4 -

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