FS19 – Seasons Geo: Nordfriesland V1.8

FS19 - Seasons Geo: Nordfriesland V1.8
To match the products and fruits at the NF march by FEDaction and the ModMap Schwatzingen (V4.0 +) of the M4cM4nus Mod team, we present you a Seasons GEO Mod tailored to this. The key points of the mod content are highlighted below.

Version 1.8
-Update for NFM4-fold V2.2
-Economy: New products (carpenter, beehive and distillery) added
-Economy: compound feed and pig feed supplements

Climate adaptation (based on GEO Germany)
Allocation of the Mod fruits to the fruit types
Adjustment of the sowing and harvesting times (basic and mod fruits)
Economic system expanded to include fruit and products

Authors: Script: Lat!-Gam!ng
Tester: Lat!-Gam!ng und Patrick  
File :103 KB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Seasons Geo: Nordfriesland V1.8 - modsbase.com

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