FS19 – Seneca County Map – Seasons Ready V0.8.1

FS19 - Seneca County Map - Seasons Ready V0.8.1
The map is based on a farm in north central Ohio.
This is a 4x card, but the outside is not ready yet, but I decided to release it before we start planting (if it ever rains). This is my first card, so please, lol.
Realistic map based on Google

– There are 3 points of sale that take everything, including milk and eggs.
– 2 haylage for hay, straw, cotton and silage.
– 1 point of sale of wood, but the trees on the map are not intended for large-scale forestry.
– Several small and medium-sized farms and some deco houses and farms. .
– 105 fields from 2 to 13 hectares
– 1 cowshed, 1 pig shed, 1 chicken shed, 1 sheep
– Water triggers are wells near animal filling triggers, since most farms now have running water directly into animal pens. You can also place wells found in different buildings.
– Many built-in objects
– Field missions

– Seasonal adaptation
– New crops – alfalfa, clover, sorghum, Sudangrass, corn2, black beans, tobacco, peanuts and rice.
– Added some agricultural land outside the unfinished part. You can use if you want to add placeable sales points, BGA, or start a farm from scratch.

Authors: jm44807  
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