FS19 – Sipma Z224 Czysty Log V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Sipma Z224 Czysty Log V1.0 mod download.

Simpa Z224 Press To Farming 19. The press was circulating on the internet so I took care of it and removed all errors from the log, corrected the translations, and SimpleIC because it was poorly done.

Unfortunately, there is one small problem, the press does not want to collect straw, grass, etc. from the field, probably something is kicked in xml, it is difficult to make a working modification with the improvement, I was able to correct the errors, unfortunately I cannot cope with this error. I share with the thought that maybe someone will look at it and think of what can be bad, I do not see any errors after the lines, the animation is also in place, I do not know what it is about, the need for someone smarter.

ATTENTION! Before switching on the baler, you must have the SimpleIC modification and unfold the front drawbar, otherwise the baler will not start.

If you have “BALETWINE” lines in your log, it is not a bug but you need a StrawHarvester modification, but it is not necessary for the game, I just write it so that you don’t think there are log errors. I think there will be a helpful person and we will solve this problem together.

Authors: ArturMPL 
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