FS19 – Slurry Trading System V1.3

FS19 - Slurry Trading System V1.3

This is a placeable Slurry Trading System.

+ Slurry Shop

Your Slurry Tanks are empty? Refill your tanks at this placeable object!

+ Slurry Storage

Store your slurry at this storage. Capacity: 250000

+ Digestate Storage

Store your digestate at this storage. Capacity: 250000

+ Slurry Trader

You have to much of slurry or disgetate? Sell your slurry or digestate on this placeable object – great demands inclusive.

You can find the placeable objects from this mod among the placeable objects in the miscellaneous category. You can place these objects freely on the areas of the map, as far as they belong to you.

+ the objects are also displayed in the PDA and you can jump directly to them
+ at the Slurry Trader, there are now and again great demands for slurry and disgetate

+ purchase and selling prices have been adjusted
+ added digestate

+ purchase price for slurry has been lowered, competition revives the business
+ selling prices have been raised slightly, especially with digestate is now much more money to earn
+ unloading point has been enlarged and synchronized with filling position
+ new texture for concrete
+ memory space was more than halved by texture optimization
+ the moddescversion was adjusted for the update 1.4 to version 44

Authors: Holger Sengstock  
Download FS19 – Slurry Trading System V1.3 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Slurry Trading System V1.3 - modsbase.com

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