FS19 – Sosnovka Chicken Pen V1.7

FS19 - Sosnovka Chicken Pen V1.7
Sosnovka chicken pen can hold 260 chickens. Cost is 20000 and daily upkeep is 2.

Changelog 1.1
Organized file
Optimized file and xml files
Fixed some code in xml

Changelog 1.2
Added Fenceless pen
New normal maps
Added seasons mask
Snow appears on roof

Changelog 1.3
Cleaned up xml
Improved snow texture

Changelog 1.4
Eggs spawn in a pallet now
Cleaned up xml and made neater

Changelog 1.5
removed some unneeded seasons admirers
Lowered file size and slot count for consoles
Added Russian translations
Added Spanish translations

Changelog 1.6
Added more boxes to pallet
Bigger pallet capacity
increase pallet empty speed
Cleaned pallet i3d file up

Changelog 1.7
Made snow one mesh
Optimize i3d and xml

Authors: Adub Modding ABP Team  
File :6.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Sosnovka Chicken Pen V1.7 - modsbase.com

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