FS19 – St 180N V1.9

FS19 - St 180N V1.9
Problems with Courseplay still persist, I did not find the cause. For this reason, I added a model without IC function for players with Courseplay.

What\’s new:
-Reverse control of the bucket (in version 1.7 only the stacker was reversed, I forgot about the bucket)
-corrected logo and emblem (were sunken)
-adjusted internal camera (it was too far back)
-reduced model size (according to actual dimensions)
-reduced cornering angle (should now be according to reality)
-License plate lighting
-change seats
-The seats are now sprung
-added model without IC function (I didn\’t figure out why the function is angry with Courseplay)
-add straightener for silage added

Authors: dj-ocas  
File :96.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – St 180N V1.9 -
Download FS19 – St 180N V1.9 -

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