FS19 – Starowies Map V2.0.0.1

FS19 - Starowies Map V2.0.0.1
Welcome to Starowies! A nice map for small and medium machines!

On this map you’ll find:
-Two sale points
-Biogas plant
-One village
-3 farms
-3 new crops(rye, lucerne, triticale)
-2 new animals(goats, ducks)
-2 new tree saplings(pine and spruce)
-Seasons compatibility
-And much more
Have a nice game!

Note: If you want to play this map with straw harvest or other mods which add new fill types like maize+ etc. you have to play without seasons mod!!!
Note: I Highly recommend to start a new savegame if you are playing older version of map!

-Removed new animals
-Slightly changed starting farms

-Painted new roads
-Replaced almost all models
-Added one farm
-Added new animals: goats, ducks
-Added new crops: rye, triticale, lucerne
-Slightly changed traffic
-Changed foliage textures
-Reworked map borders
-Added new tree saplings(pine, spruce)
-Changed map lighting
-Added full compatibility with seasons(bushes, foliage are changing etc.)
-And other small changes…

-Added seasons mask

-Added fuel station trigger
-Added animal loading trigger in village
-Some models improvements

Authors: zielak04  
File :159.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Starowies Map V2.0.0.1 - modsbase.com

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