FS19 – Steyr 8075 Rs2 Basic Tractor V1.4

FS19 - Steyr 8075 Rs2 Basic Tractor V1.4
Hello, now the time has come, the long-awaited Steyr 8075 RS2 is now available to you.

Version 1.4.0 Steyr 8075 RS2
– Konfi trailer revised: lower link rear selectable (normal + quick coupler)
– Agricultural machine + new balls
– Wipers move faster
– Confi “covers” added; (Speedometer, roof certificate, LED work certificate, RUL selectable)
– chainsaws added again; Design confi (8075a)

Baisisversion; Basic version means that this model will be expanded / updated. We will no longer rename the zip file so that you can continue a game without having to buy the vehicle every time.

Info / data on the original:
Engine: STEYR WD 411.46 (~ 3.5l 4 cylinder)
Driven: Synchronized STEYR group shift reversing gear with 16v / 8r gears, 37kmh
Construction period: 1988-1993 with RS2 cabin (2nd generation riding seat cabin (RS2))
Dead weight: 2840kg
Power: 64hp
Tank capacity 60l

Now to the model:
It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to drive with it
Lesnik FH (+ FZ) available for purchase
Sound recording: “idle” or “stop” sound from Steyr 8070, “start” or “driving sound” from Steyr 8075 RS2 cut from Youtube video
Speedometer, tank, temperature display animated / illuminated
Field rail installed
Stoll Super 1 FL console available for purchase
yellowish lights + LED work certificate (front / rear)
Animated wipers (when it rains)
seat suspension
Connection pants ready
64 hp
BJ 1989
RMT ready (Real Manual Transmission), 16v / 8r
Configurable: Doors + FH (+ FZ)

Wheels sets:
Standard v: 280 / 85R24 h: 420 / 85R30
Standard + ZW v: 360 / 70R24 h: 420 / 85R30 + 380 / 85R34
Wide tires v: 400 / 70R20 h: 540 / 65R30
Wide tires + ZW v: 400 / 70R20 h: 540 / 65R30 + 270 / 95R38
The same bike sets are also available “without kotis” in front
to choose from (can be bought in the shop).
The standard bikes are free, the “Wide Tire” and “Twin Wheels” (ZR) bike sets cost a bit.

Authors: STEYR Modding Team 
File :37.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Steyr 8075 Rs2 Basic Tractor V1.4 -

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