FS19 – Tardis V0.9.1.0

FS19 - Tardis V0.9.1.0
This is a revamp of the good old Tardis from FS17
For beginners: With Tardis you can teleport yourself or your vehicles to any location on the map. Besides that it has a couple of additional functionalities. See below.

Teleport yourself (the player) to any location on the map
Enter a vehicle to teleport yourself AND the vehicle (incl. implements, trailers) to any location on the map
Reset a crashed/turned over vehicle. Reset in this case means to turn it over again
Set up to 5 map hotspots to easily teleport yourself and/or vehicles to one of those spots. Those hotspots obviously get saved & restored.

Known issues
You can\’t teleport goods like pallets on a trailer. Filllevels work though
Incompatible Mods
No known ones
Default Keybinding
Key Combo Action
LAlt + t Activate Tardis
LAlt + Backspace Reset
LAlt + LShift + KeyPad 1 – 5 Set or visit the map hotspot
LAlt + LShift + Backspace Delete a map hotspot in a 25m range
Mouse Left Teleport
Note that the current version does NOT support multiplayer!
Quite frankly, I\’ve no idea about the MP code needed and also no possibility to test it. Actually I think it shouldn\’t be a big deal, and maybe it already works by just changing the MP setting in the moddesc.xml from false to true. I assume just the parking possibility has an impact to MP.
TyKonKet, fcelsa for Tardis on FS17. That brought the idea and the initial code base. Although the majority was altered for this FS19 version. Also Kudos to the guys and gals from CoursePlay, VehicleInspector, VehicleFruitHud, EnhancedVehicle and many more for some inspiration and ideas. Additionally Ifko[nator] for the RegisterSpecialization script.
Latest Version – I consider it as Beta. I tested it quite a lot myself, but hope for some helpful feedback from the community.

Authors: Author: sperrgebiet aka release; For additional credits see included ReadMe or on GitHub  
Download FS19 – Tardis V0.9.1.0 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Tardis V0.9.1.0 - modsbase.com

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