FS19 – The Pacific Northwest Logging Edition V2

FS19 - The Pacific Northwest Logging Edition V2
The Pacific Northwest Logging edition is the perfect map if you like extremely large and functional fields, and large amounts of big trees for forestry. If you don’t care about forestry, I recommend you play the non-Logging Edition instead.

Original text by epideath:
Welcome to The Pacific Northwest 19. This is a fictitious map loosely based around the Lewiston, Idaho and eastern Washington area where the Snake and Clearwater rivers meet. At the rivers there is a plateau that is high above, accessed by a winding mountain road. The plateau has small to medium sized fields, where the valley fields are much larger and relatively flat and open. The terrain on the plateau can be a little challenging. A little extra horsepower or the use of the train can be very useful. The map is based upon the FS17 version. It is similar in many ways but also quite different.

This map has many great features such as:
– Beautiful town with lively traffic and pedestrians.
– Train that wraps around the northern plateau.
– Great possibilities for all kinds of animals. Specific buildings for horse training.
– Multiple Water and Lime buypoints scattered across the map.
– Some empty buildings spots with Visit option for ease-of-access.
– 10 different sell points for a large variety of products. Including manure, slurry, digestate and wool.

In Logging Edition V1.0, ACME ACRES added a lot of big trees to the map. I have picked up his work and refined it where I can. While also adding back some buildings that were in the original map.

Changes in Logging Edition v2.0 by me, Robbe:
– Overhauled the texturing, grass and bush placement in the newly created forestry lands. Decor depends on tree type.
– Adjusted pricing for many farmlands. Farmlands that were turned into forestry are cheaper now, and other lands have got price refinements depending on ease-of-use and farm-to-land ratio.
– Part of “useless land” is now non-buyable land (farmland 63 neutral ground). Other parts have been given a price because they can be used for grass farming and more.
– Created a new PDA with significantly higher detail and each tree visible, which reflects changes by ACME ACRES and me.
– Re-added certain horse, sawmill and old barn buildings.
– Removed fences around forestry land.
– Removed grass that was added over farming fields.
– Removed farms that wrongly existed on forestry land.
– Straightened out farmlands in the North.
– Changed one farm land to a grass land due to its non-funtional shape.
– Touched up the dirt road around the long fields in the SW.
– Changed a particular asphalt road back to dirt road like it was originally.
– Adjusted nightime: 21:30 – 6:00 (3 hours shorter).

Logging Edition v1.0 by ACME ACRES:
– Added tons of different tree types including BIG trees so you need a chainsaw or a modded harvester to cut them.

Version by epideath
– Seasons Ready, recommend a new save game for Seasons.
– Added railroad signals on east mountain path.
– Moved a few items that were slightly floating.
– East bridge is a litte wider now.

Version by epideath
– Reduced the amount of rain.

Authors: epideath, ACME ACRES, Robbe  
File :219.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – The Pacific Northwest Logging Edition V2 -

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