FS19 – The Village Of Yagodnoye V3.0.2

FS19 - The Village Of Yagodnoye V3.0.2
The map “Yagodnoye Village” was created for a real place based on the village, where the author was born and raised in the Perevozsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

– There are 65 fields on the map;
– There are animals;
– Various productions;
– Russian traffic;

Map version 3.0.2

List of changes:
1. Fixed hanging objects (trees, poles, road poles and buildings)
2. Fixed the work of some industries in terms of speed.
3. Replacing the texture of water, arable land.
4. Changed the rendering range of some objects.
5. Cheating heaps of onions and carrots, earlier heaps of carrots were much larger than onions.
6. Changes in storage volumes of some industries.
7. Fixed hanging roads, you need to start a new save. But if this did not bother you too much, then we continue to play on the old save.
8. Fixed collision on weighing, for work with AutoDrive
9. Add. cultures for the fashion season are registered in their group. Example: Peas and legumes
10. A few little things, I will not paint, tk. no one wrote about them and this will be superfluous information for you.

About saving:
The changes made in this version that affect the save, these are only terraforming (relief) changes, there are several solutions:
1. If everything suits you, download the map and continue playing on your save.
2. If you have just started, then I advise you to start over.

Authors: Алексей Потанин  
File :970.7 MB / ZIP 
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