FS19 – Timbered Farmpack V1.0.0.4

FS19 - Timbered Farmpack V1.0.0.4
A simple building pack to place your own yard.

The building pack includes:
Cowshed for 100 cows
Price: 140,000 €
Daily maintenance: € 60

Pig house for 60 pigs
Price: 70,000 €
Daily maintenance: 45 €

Sheepfold for 50 sheep
Price: 55000 €
Daily maintenance: 40 €

Horse stable for 4 horses
Price: 50,000 €
Daily maintenance: € 30

Residential house with sleep trigger and 2 garages
Price: 75000 €
Daily maintenance: 25 €

Large garage and 3 open shelters
Price: € 24,200 to € 55,000
Daily maintenance: € 15 to € 25

Farm silo multifruit
Price: 85000 €
Daily maintenance: 45 €

The buildings are all automatically lit and
can be freely placed individually.
All buildings are ready for seasons.

Newly added buildings:
Cowshed without pasture for 100 cows
Price:95000 €
Daily maintenance:45 €
Trigger for the double gate: lower gate on the right, upper gate on the left.

Chicken coop for 30 chickens
Price:20,000 €
Daily maintenance:€ 10

The large cowshed now holds 200 cows

Fixed seasons mask
Roof overhangs extended on the gable ends (adapted to the Bavarian style)

Newly added building:
Feed barn with Garsge for storing.
Pig feed, straw, grass, hay, silage, chopped material and
Mixed ration

All buildings in brick look
New deco in the cow stalls

Authors: RitchiF  
File :67.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Timbered Farmpack V1.0.0.4 - modsbase.com

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