FS19 – Toyota Hilux Pilotcar V2.3

FS19 - Toyota Hilux Pilotcar V2.3
After some people ask for a pickup follow car i start edit this Toyota Hilux. this was really fun to make! so what have i done ? –

-Updated texture on front bar (the front bar is no longer blue and green)
-edited new texture to seats (from redwine to gray/black)
-adjust few things.

Added new texture to the front and back. -Added “covoi sign at top with selectable signs” +Bred Last (Norwegian) +LedeBil (Norwegian) +Tungt Last (Norwegian) +Wide Load +Oversize Load +Pilot car +Long Load -Sidestep with marklight -Strobes at front -Lightbar -Added more colors -Added rim colors -Added bar at back -Added bar at front Hope you like it.

Authors: AdigeMods for oginal mod Remy for Editing re texture. 
File :73.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Toyota Hilux Pilotcar V2.3 -

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