FS19 – Trailer Pack Fspt V1

FS19 - Trailer Pack Fspt V1
Farming Simulator Portugal Pack Trailers. Trailers from Galucho and Herculano, brands from Portugal Have in total 14 itens, and create a new store item in shop, in tools! Bales trailers with autoload, you need mouse to unload bales! Galucho PB 2T have option to work with mouse to unload or open. Special thanks to AleixoGamer and PeterjModding for support.

Authors: creators before reskin: Matt26, MB-Trac_Power, SimulagriModding, Cebuljcek, BGamer003, R.Mihail 
File :122.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Trailer Pack Fspt V1 -

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