FS19 – Ursus 4512-5312, 4514-5314 V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Ursus 4512-5312, 4514-5314 V1.0 mod download.

The license series of Ursus tractors, produced since 1987. These tractors are equipped with four-cylinder Perkins units, with a maximum power of 60 to 72 HP, depending on the model. In the assumption of ZPC Ursus, the tractors of this family were to replace the models of the C-360 family.

Authors: Agromet, barachlo, Dariusz, KoPi, JakuBoS1, bociekLS, user13 pozdro, z kradzionymi elementami Karasia, Drajwera, Ariksona, i innych niczego nieswiadomych person. 
Download FS19 – Ursus 4512-5312, 4514-5314 V1.0 -

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