FS19 – Vogelsberg Map V1.1.2

FS19 - Vogelsberg Map V1.1.2
Changelog 1.1.2:
Fixed texture errors in some stones
Fixed texture errors in some bushes
Rapeseed can now be grown
Oats can now be grown
Fixed shader bug in the yard silo
Fixed log error
Harvesters are now able to put straw on the ground

On this map 32 fields await you, with sizes between 0.2 and 3 hectares.
There are various sales outlets such as a BGA, a country trade and a garden center

About the map:
The map was originally built for the Mod contest 2009, but has been completely rebuilt for the LS13.
There have only been minor changes to the layout since the LS13.

Important information:
The current version of the animal stalls on the farm is not yet functional!
I have not built this map!
I have just converted the LS17 version.
The map was originally built by Desperados93 and Fendtfan1!
The map is not 100% finished and can still contain errors!

Authors: Desperados93, Fendtfan1 
File :271.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Vogelsberg Map V1.1.2 -

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