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FS19 – Volvo 150 Ewr – 150E (Controls Fix) V1

FS19 - Volvo 150 Ewr - 150E (Controls Fix) V1

Volvo ERW 150 E with fixed controlls.
Works well if you have at least a gamepad. Still not usable with KB and mouse since there is too many overlaping default controls. Also IMPORTANT always install a back hitch when you buy at the shop. Else it refuses to attach buckets. No idea how to fix that.

*All controls are now default crane controls so you can use this with your current setup NP. Only front blade is from front loader control group (makes sence since it will be used like a dozer)
*Tweaked front blade to have higher lift angle (fixes the problem of material leaving a trail when you go backwards. Also makes the blade a lot more universal and comfy to use)
*Tweaked movement speed (was way too wonky, some too slow some too fast. Remember, best experienced on at least a gamepad)
*Tweaked buckets (tipping and pickup angles were bad and hard to use, slightly larger capacity)
*Tweaked fuel consumption (A bit higher)
*Tweaked dirt and wear levels (were way too low)

Authors: Original author :

Fix by:
Topless Moosey Presents
File :87.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Volvo 150 Ewr – 150E (Controls Fix) V1 -
Download FS19 – Volvo 150 Ewr – 150E (Controls Fix) V1 -

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