FS19 – Waiting Workers V1.0.0.3

FS19 - Waiting Workers V1.0.0.3
When using workers you often encounter the situation where a worker informs that he has completed his task while in fact some part of the field remains to be done.
So you must restart the tractor/combine, restart the implement and replace the worker. In a crooked field, this can happen many times and become boring.
With this mod, the worker will wait a given time before stopping the tool and finally the engine. This will also allow you to regain control of a worker faster when you manually stop it.

By default the implement is stopped after 2 minutes (except for sprayer that is stopped directly as usual). The engine is stopped after 3 minutes.
You are informed by a notification that the vehicle has been stopped.

==== CHANGELOG ====
New in v1.0.0.1
– Prevent lifting the implement when the player regains control of a worker within a field
Fixed in v1.0.0.2
– Error when stopping worker in the field with several tools like Kuhn HR4004 + BTF4000
Fixed in v1.0.0.3
– Fixing MP support

Authors: yumi  
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Download FS19 – Waiting Workers V1.0.0.3 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Waiting Workers V1.0.0.3 - modsbase.com

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