FS19 – Wola Brudnowska Map V1

FS19 - Wola Brudnowska Map V1
Map reproduced from real life. Typically Masovian areas.

It has:
– A huge village (hence the weight)
– 4 farms
– mud
– 2 purchases
– biogas plant
– new lighting
– basic Fs19 standards
– medium and small fields. From the C330 to the Fendt. About 240 with meadows
– sawmill
– 2 forests
– PDA (quite poor but definitely legible)

And much much more. Hope you like the map.

In the future, he may adapt it to the Seasons
This is my first map (it took me a long time and taught me a lot. Unfortunately, it has errors in the LOG, but I am not able to remove them. I can help.)

Authors: SAYMON345  
File :531.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Wola Brudnowska Map V1 -

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