FS19 – Zd Malviny 1993 Map V1

FS19 - Zd Malviny 1993 Map V1
Welcome to the map of ZD Malviny 1993. The map is situated in the environment of the Czech countryside. On the map you will find several villages and many types of production. The map contains fields that can be purchased. There is car traffic.
Animals: pigs, sheep, calves, goats, chickens, horses, cows, ducks
Many fields of different shapes
Crops: basic, poppy, hops, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, onions, tobacco, clover
Production: greenhouses – pepper, tomato, apple orchard, sawmill – production of boards, production of pallets, production of cardboard, brewery, sugar factory, cleaner, production of feed for pigs – A2, production of feed for cows – Dog, bakery, mill, comb of hops, dairy , purchase of wood, production of cheese and butter, production of liquid fertilizer, production of seeds, BGA

Authors: ARTmods
Production: Kally
Thank you for the basis of the map: BlackSheep modding
Thanks to other authors whose fashions we were able to use

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File :1.6 GB / ZIP 
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