FS19 – Baldeykino Map V2

FS19 - Baldeykino Map V2

Hi! My name is Tomi098, I\’m edited Baldeykino

Changes in updated version:
I fixed bakery tip trigger, sell point now work fully
Removed 2D \”grass wall\”

Map properties:
12 buyable fields + meadows
buyable all areas (fs19 area)
Multisilo By Tomi098 – 500k litres , support all fruit type, include silage, straw, grass, and hay..
Crops selling price increased to 2.5x (default value is 1 )
New farm (see pictures)
I created flat land for placeables  ( Stable sell point in map)

Authors: Tomi098  
Download FS19 – Baldeykino Map V2 - modsbase.com

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