FS19 – Bigfarmersmap V1

FS19 - Bigfarmersmap V1
Hello my friends, I\’ve made a very simple map here. It has no BGA and no starter silo. Silage is still available for sale.
I recommend my ModPack BigFarmersModPack to this map because I provide there important devices for large field editing based on standard Giants devices.
Exact list of changes: BigFarmersMapMods
Map and ModPack:
There are 4 outlets. After 500,000 PriceDrop. 24 Price Recovery
Fields: 4x1Hektar 6x5Hektar 3x19Hektar 5x40Hektar
I am not a very experienced modder.
If I can help someone can always ask, but always am always open for tips.

Authors: SvenDasSchaf  
Download FS19 – Bigfarmersmap V1 -

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