FS19 – Birkenfeld Map V6.1

FS19 - Birkenfeld Map V6.1
The well-known Birkenfeld was once again put on hand. After many hours of construction, here is the result.

– Purchased vehicles / devices spun at the big shop in the north

Hi there, now it should be time today. The Birkenfeld V6 has got a new area with a sheep pen + sheep pasture. The main courtyard has also been redesigned. In-game you can paint bushes, grass, weeds, cobblestones, …, which is a great interplay for your own courtyards. Theoretically, you can sell the main courtyard, but I would leave it and rather build my own courtyard on a building site (BP), if you have something in mind. Seasons is supported, Manure only partially, since the stables are Mods from the ModHub. Maize + etc. was expanded again for known reasons. This will be the last version of the Birkenfeld. I’m sorry about the “many” additional mods, but this way you can avoid the eternal approval request and bridges.

The Vertex building pack is ONLY available in V1 – if you want to use the one on Birke V6, you have to rename the XML of the pigsty from pigStable.xml to mainStable.xml and change this in ModDesc.

Required mods:
Sheep Fold
Slurry Lagoon
Cows Barn
Half-Timbered Barn
MaizePlus Forage Extension
MaizePlus CCM Extension

Authors: First and foremost, my thanks go out: Giants Polog4 - Thanks for making such a beautiful card! HeniJimdrix - Thank you for your tireless help! Redkeinstus - Thanks for this mega PDA! Ifkonator - Thanks for the script Dat__Alex - Thanks for taking apart and testing gameplay! Lutzer - Thank you for that too July - Thanks for the delineator posts 
File :ZIP 
Download FS19 – Birkenfeld Map V6.1 -

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