FS19 – Ceskoslovenska Mapa V1

FS19 - Ceskoslovenska Mapa V1
Hello. First of all, I want to thank the authors of the models and textures that you will find on the map: Maca, JOSHmodels, VBM modding, Thenevsova36, AAA modding, Piotrmosz, Coufy, FSH modding, Smok, Nismo, Kamilos0397, Giants and all other authors of smaller objects named I couldn’t find it. JUST THANKS TO YOU, THE MAP COULD BEEN CREATED.

The map contains:
basic crops + alfalfa. For the time being, you can only tie it to a silage pit and you can’t make bales out of it.
manure – you can buy manure there if you don’t have cows and if you have a lot of manure you can export it there and then load it over the loading belt
airport – buy all fertilizers and sprays here
haystack – you store hay and straw here, then load it through the blower
– You can get water for free in the pond, or for heavy money at the water reservoir
– cows, sheep, horses
– empty fenced land which when you buy you can build whatever you see suitable, so who wants a saw, pig, bga, etc. you can add it here
– 3 purchases of crops, purchase of milk and wool

to map you need 3 more placeable modes which are part of RAR file:
FS19_DDR_Kuhstall_platzierbar by DeutransPaule
FS19_openHorsePasture by Foo Farmer
FS19_SheepHT by Vanquish081
so after downloading, unzip the file and paste everything it contains into mods
The map was tested only in single player mode and with basic machines.
The log shows 1 warning regarding farmlands but no erory.
If I succeed, I will add support for seasons and missions.
If there is a problem, write here in the comments, I will try to fix it.

Authors: -  
File :356.7 MB / RAR 
Download FS19 – Ceskoslovenska Mapa V1 -

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