FS19 – Fdr Logging Mods Pack Feb – 2021 V1

FS19 - Fdr Logging Mods Pack Feb - 2021 V1
All Mods – New Fdr Brand/Logo Coloring
All Mods – Increased Sound Effects Volume And Fixed Some Audio Loop Issues
All Grapples Dangle/Fixed – Adjusted Weights, Heavier And Smoother Handling Of Logs
All Dangle Attachements – Adjusted Sway And Dangle Physics To Have More Realistic Realation To Gravity
All Buncher Heads – New Update To Spring System And Weights, Much Nicer Grabs Trees Stay More Secure For Grabs And Collecting
All Skidders – New Engine Sound Effect, Return Of The Screaming Engines
Forestry Grinder – Improved Collisions Around Grinder Head To Allow Easier Stump Removal, Spinning Grinder Blade No Longer Collides With Stumps
Jd437e/Slasher – Removed \”Bed Rotate Control\” The Bed Now Automatically Rotates When You Lower The Stabilizers For The Trailer, Less Controls Easier Operation
Jd437e – Improved Grapple Control And Overall Stability
Jd437e – Moved Sound Effects Back To Cab, Was Only Hearing Engine Sound At Front Of Trailer Before
Tigercat Clambunk – Allowed More Float Movement Of Clam Foward And Back So It Doesn\’t Get Hung Up On Hills When Locked With A Drag.

Authors: fdrlogging  
Download FS19 – Fdr Logging Mods Pack Feb – 2021 V1 - drive.google.com

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