FS19 – Kleines Land V1.0.0.1

FS19 - Kleines Land V1.0.0.1
Welcome to the map ‘Kleines Land’!

+++ NOTE: After updating to version, a new savegame is required! +++

The idyllic map ‘Kleines Land’ invites you to go on an adventure together. Slip into the role of the farm owner Kalle and try to run the farm successfully.

‘Kleines Land V2’ offers you:
– main farm with cows, chickens, workshop and grain silo
– 1 side farm with sheeps and horses
– 2 greenhouses
– 5 fields
– 5 meadows
– 2 pieces of forest
– 2 points of sale for crops
– 1 point of sale for milk and eggs
– 1 point of sale for wood chips and long wood
– 1 point of sale for wool
– 1 point of sale for hay, straw and silage
– 1 cattle dealer
– 1 machine dealer
– paintable bushes

– New silo for cow feed on the main farm
– 1 new side farm with pigs and silo for pig feed
– 5 new fields (total 10)
– 2 new meadows (total 7)
– 1 new point of sale (total 3)
– New point of sale for straw, hay and silage
– 1 new buyable area for placeable objects (P)
– paintable cobblestones

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

Authors: Ka77e  
File :110.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Kleines Land V1.0.0.1 -

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