FS19 – Kolonia 1990 Map V1.2

FS19 - Kolonia 1990 Map V1.2
Welcome to Kolonia 1990! This is the Polish map for Farming Simulator 2019 set in the climate of the 90s. Changelog:
– Straw bales has been added for animal bales
– The cowshed has been improved Changelog:
-New crops were added: rye and triticale
-Fixed straw on cows and pigs
-Building textures on the pig farm have been changed
-Soybean texture changed
-Minor bugs fixed
-New lighting added

The map has:
– Two farms (pigs / cows and chickens)
– Over 80 fields
– Biogas plant
– Sawmill
– Forest
– Missions on the fields
– Animated doors and lights
– New textures tree, crop and ground
– Two selling points
– Polish climate
And a lot more… Changelog:
-Support for mod seasons
-Adaptation of the map for consoles
-Changed textures of maize, soybeans and grass
-Changed icon Changelog:
– Added Normal map textures to objects
– Light reflection on the roofs has been added
– New sounds have been added on the map
– Snow was added on the roofs
– Frozen ponds have been added in winter
– Painted paving stones have been added
– Bush painting added
– Field textures have been improved
– Farmlands have been improved
– The entrance to the top of the garage has been improved
– Corn textures have been corrected
– Fixed SeasonsMask
– Snow-covered roads have been added

I hope you like the map

Authors: RajotGPLAY  
File :345.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Kolonia 1990 Map V1.2 - modsbase.com

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