FS19 – Mad Pickup Belt Mpb-1 V1.0

FS19 - Mad Pickup Belt Mpb-1 V1.0
After much testing, at the MAD laboratory, our researches have discovered that conveyor belts are able to convey twice the amount of material when fitted with three dimensional belts, compared to belts with screen-printed ridges. As such, we’re happy to present the very latest in belt technology. The 3D pickup belt! During our research, we also developed the giant 3D-tracked crawler. While we were unable to discover a useful purpose for “Trackie”, our researches did say it was fun to play with. As such, Trackie has been included with this pack (under Vehicles -> Misc) as a novelty item.

MAD MPB-1 Pickup Belt
Multiple body and belt colour choices
Wheel option: Standard or 3D tracks!!
Unload Speed: 350 l/min (double that of 2D belt system)
Travel speed: 5 or 20 kph (3 or 12 mph)
Price: $5,000 ($7,000 with engine and tracked wheels)

Price: $42
Speed: 240 kph (149 mph)

Disclaimer: Trackie is a promotional, novelty item, developed at MAD laboratories, and may not be suitable for young children. Trackie is a fictional entity, and any resemblance or similarity to real giant self-propelled tracks is entirely coincidental. Additionally, the horses used to calculate the horse power are similarly giant, and may be 2,370 times more powerful than standard horses.

Authors: Mantrid  
File :ZIP 
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