FS19 – Mandalore Ii Map Wip V1

FS19 - Mandalore Ii Map Wip V1
Yes, i know, finally a map, but not any map Mandalore… the 2nd, yes the mandalorians made another world. but darth maul is out to find you! Your clan has settled down on this snowy planet and wants to make a base, but they’ll need help; help from you! Your a foundling and you are going to become a mandalorian, but first you have to prove yourself to your clan.

~Map includes~
*many missions *Base, yes i know *More bases for your mandos *A cantina *House Clan Wren *House Clan Visla *House Clan Fett *Pit of Mantis (Find your helmet in the dark cave, and watch out for whatever lerks in side) *Mandalorians duh, *Easter eggs Yay! *And more stuff to explore *sry no baby yoda… yet… *and much much more

~Mods that are useful for Mandalorian roleplay~
*F11 mod – this mod is so awesome, you can fly around as if you have a jetpack 😉 *Seasons and snowy seasons this mod was meant to be a snowy map so yes get this mod.

Authors: Spartan_756 
File :441.8 MB / ZIP 
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