FS19 – Pilgrimsrest South Africa V005

FS19 - Pilgrimsrest South Africa V005
After the launch of v.004 some of you awesome people helped me by commenting on a problem which i did not pick up on testing in Seasons.. I normally do not test in seasons, but never the less, i felt bad so i fixed that with some other small things in the water planes, but i felt that was not enough for a new version so I spent a whole bunch of time adding Trails to the map, something I wanted to do for a long time, and this map is great for just that… so have a look and enjoy it with me..

In the heart of the Lowveld in South Africa, this is where you will find this old historical town called Pilgrims Rest, not that there was a lot of resting going on as this town was founded in the gold rush days…

On 22nd September 1873 Pilgrim’s Rest was officially proclaimed a gold field and the scatter of tents and elementary shacks soon grew into a flourishing little village complete with sturdy brick houses, shops, churches, canteens, a newspaper and the well-known Royal Hotel.

Some of these can be found and seen in my latest map. It has 29 fields, multi-fruit and everything you need to farm like crazy… in this old gold diggers town… check the photos and video for more info and decide if this is where you want to farm…

Authors: Yazu for the blank map Giants for the cool game and editor Blender for an amazing 3D modeling package 
File :1.5 GB / ZIP 
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