FS19 – Vineyard V1

FS19 - Vineyard V1
Vines Pack,
Hello my dear players,
Herewith we introduce you to the vines. It
runs through the GC by Modcompany script and is animated.

Activate anywhere in the GC (hack) see picture

Recommendation :
Place 4 fields like this picture, but important between the fields ca 1
-2 meter distance because the woman is running around there
(do not clench vines on vine)

(But everyone can put as much as his graphic hurts.
Frequently asked questions about the installation in Map.
We hereby grant the release, build it, or anything else
Mention us in the credits more we do not ask.
Ps: Thank you box …….. is not a decoration
Now we wish you a lot of fun
Greetings Susi and Wingi

Authors: Script: GC Konzept entwickelt by LS ModCompany
Idee / Konzept: Susi und Wingi
Tester: Susi und Wingi  
Download FS19 – Vineyard V1 - www.modsup.com

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