FS19 – Volksstedt 2020 Map V2

FS19 - Volksstedt 2020 Map V2
Version 2.0
Maize Plus and CCM compatible (increase in HeightTypes)
Inserted straw storage in the yard.
The volume of the river decreased.
Launch vehicles expanded by a loading wagon and a maize header.
Vehicle dealer changed.
Supermarket inserted in the city. (Only decoration)
Golf course away, there are fields now.
Wall removed from field 36/38.
A point of sale added at the dairy.
Renamed various points of sale.
Changed the point of sale at the nursery.
Various trees removed to make it easier to merge some fields.

First of all, I would like to register at Vanquish081 for releasing his Hagenstedt Map, without which I would not have been able to make the Volksstedt!!!
The Volksstedt Map is a modified Hagenstedt Map.
The following animals are present on the farm: cows, pigs, horses, sheep and chickens.
The yard offers enough space to use placeable mods.
There are now some abbreviations on the map, see pictures.
Some fields have been changed.
Miscellaneous trees and objects have been removed to make it easier to merge different fields.
The mud mod was used. The PDA map has been updated.

Authors: Biface - Mapumbau 
File :224.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Volksstedt 2020 Map V2 -

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