FS19 – Zjv-F-3.2 V1

FS19 - Zjv-F-3.2 V1
Tanks transport liquids. Slurry spreaders improve the harvest of your fields.

Manufacturer: Lizard
Model: ZJV-F-3.2
Capacity: 3200l
Price: 2950 €

Category: animals
Transports liquids: water, milk, liquid manure, digestate, liquid fertilizer and herbicide.

Category: slurryTanks
Working width: 5m
Max. working speed: 15 kph

Color configuration:
– Main color
– Rim color

Configuration parts:
– Wheels selection
– Fenders: yes/no

Authors: FarmAndrei  
File :6.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Zjv-F-3.2 V1 -
Download FS19 – Zjv-F-3.2 V1 -

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